GEM Programmatic Print Hub for pragmatic leaders.

Let physical print be the making of your digital strategy.

GEM is the precious SaaS module in your martech stack that accelerates customer engagement. By connecting the experience between physical and digital marketing channels, GEM's data-driven engine takes online activity and behaviours into relevant offline physical engagements that prompt actions to complete the customer experience journey and drive more value.

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Increase profitability, customer engagement, and the lifetime value of your customers with programmatic print.

Discover how to avoid your customers suffering from digital burnout and make meaningful impressions by hyper-personalising your brand and putting it directly into their hand.

The problem

Overcome digital ad and email fatigue by avoiding burnout.

People are disengaging from digital ads and questioning their privacy, realising advertising is becoming too intrusive.

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The solution
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Multichannel. Maximise impact.

Print isn’t viewed once. Most people will pass on printed collateral to someone if they think it will be of interest. Mixing up your digital channels with print is a proven approach to increase retention and boost response rates.

The problem

Mitigate rising digital costs and decreasing conversion rates.

The exponential rise in eCommerce businesses means more competition, negatively impacting the cost of digital ads spend and lowering the return on investment.

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The solution
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Calculate the power of programmatic print.

By using programmatic print to close-the-loop between digital and physical channels, customer experience strategists can use data-driven analysis to measure reach, frequency and cost per contact.

The problem

Reduce abandoned baskets by building more trust.

During the second quarter of 2021 in the UK seven in ten carts created were left abandoned. Lack of trust is often cited as the leading reason people aren’t keen to input their credit card details.

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The solution
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Be relevant. Build trust.

Print that is hyper-personalised and relevant to the recipient is known to increase trust and positivity in the brand. Research has evidenced that brand recognition is higher when given a printed piece.

Why pragmatic leaders choose GEM.

Drives more value from the customer experience journey.

GEM’s unique event-driven, programmatic print technology enables hyper-personalisation by connecting physical and digital channels to maximise a multichannel approach that builds trust and positively influences customer behaviour. Its data-driven approach provides insights to better understand customer experience based on their interactions between physical and digital engagements.

Increases customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

One size doesn’t fit all, and GEM intuitively manages this programmatically. By connecting offline to online channels, strategists can use the right channel, at the right time, with the right messages. Building tangible connections that are relevant, complements online activities and drives higher customer conversion rates.

The making of any digital strategy.

GEM takes the online programmatic concept into the physical world of print and delivers the same level of data-driven insights and reporting expected from digital. As digital becomes increasingly noisy and overcrowded, GEM opens a new channel of possibilities for anyone tasked with developing a high-performing strategy.

First of its kind, to harness the full potential of print as a hyper-personalised and sustainable channel.

GEM is brought to market by print and marketing innovators who have successfully used its technology to deliver data-driven direct mail automation print solutions since 2011. All are ambassadors for showcasing and evidencing the power and purpose print has on positively impacting customer behaviour. GEM puts hyper-personalised print firmly back on the customer experience agenda. Contrary to belief, paper is one of the most recycled products in the world and is one of the few truly sustainable products.

Adds value by integrating into the existing martech stack.

GEM is a valuable module that complements and integrates with the leading multichannel marketing hubs. Its scalable and secure management of data ensures it adheres to data governance and security requirements expected by its users. Additionally, business users who don’t have existing marketing platforms can purchase GEM as a standalone platform that is quick to implement and easy to use.

How GEM Programmatic Print Hub works.

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Seamlessly integrates into your tech stack.

GEM Programmatic Print API connects to your existing data sources such as CRMs, Multichannel Marketing Hubs, Account-based Marketing Platforms etc. receiving and transferring customer data in real-time.

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Automate hyper-personalisation at high-speed.

Hyper-personalised data is processed through the high-speed GEM Print Engine, which produces personalised printed items with a ‘call to digital action’ embedded in the message, such as a QR code or pURL. In addition, GEM's Print Service Provider API enables print to be procured and managed through preferred print and fulfilment providers. The platform is truly supplier agnostic. GEM intuitively records the digital call to action when activated and automatically updates the customer data record.

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Accelerate the online and offline customer experience.

GEM APIs enable the easy insertion of physical activation triggers into workflows within your CRM/MMH. Based on customer behaviour, data-driven insights can automatically trigger when the individual’s experience warrants a physically printed item to be activated and scheduled into the production process.

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Automatically manage data processing in a secure environment.

With data securely held in the GEM Data Repository, it can be automatically verified, processed, cleansed and segmented. Records that can’t be mailed are isolated and securely posted back to the GEM Programmatic Print API. The CRM automatically retrieves the data and tags the data record.

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Efficiently manage production and carbon footprint efficiency.

GEM Data Aggregator holds the data within the GEM Data Repository until the required volume 'trigger' is activated. GEM's inbuilt scheduler batch prints to gain production and postage cost efficiencies and reduce carbon footprint.

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Globally manages the pre and post customer experience.

GEM is designed to link the entire customer journey – from the initial customer visit, through the order process all the way to the personalisation of packaging. But it doesn’t stop there – we just begin a new buying cycle and the experience begins again, generating more revenue and a loyal and satisfied customer.

Physical engagement is accelerating conversions across many sectors.

Brand leaders, print providers, agencies, and fulfilment centres leverage programmatic print to shift desire to conversion.

VW Logo

Volkswagen Group

Award winning automotive company

21% Response rate

93% converted to a test drive

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The Claims Guys

UK leading claims handling company

18% improved conversion

£6 million year on year

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International holiday company

1.2 million variations of personalised data

93% rebooking rate

Let's get phygital with GEM

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Meet the Management Team behind GEM.

Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore


Experienced and visionary leader, specialising in innovative, multi-national high growth technology companies.

Stephen Moore

Anthony Bagshaw

Founder & President

Multi company and group career leader, founder and entrepreneur, proficient in technology driven print solutions.

Stephen Moore

Adrian Scott


A highly experienced, board level, team player specialising in customer journey strategies and data driven marketing.

Stephen Moore

Paul Horrocks


Innovative systems architect and strong product development CTO, expert in print and marketing automation.

Stephen Moore

Sally Wood


Experienced and dynamic group, private and public company CFO, ACMA.

Stephen Moore

Lorraine Jones


Highly effective strategist, specialising in tech marketing with the know-how to accelerate brand and market position through actionable intelligence and innovative solutions.

Stephen Moore

Guy Rutter

Product Development Director

A delivery focussed technical leader and experienced agile evangelist.

Stephen Moore

Lisa Chapman

Client Services Director

A practiced and professional Client Services Director, Agile practitioner and data protection advocate, adept in the areas of direct marketing and technology driven print solutions.

Stephen Moore

Sam Wallace

Senior Software Developer

Experienced full stack developer with a focus on .NET framework and the latest front end technologies.

Stephen Moore

Simon Tabram

Test Lead & Second Line Analyst

Extremely accomplished with a number of years working across key business sectors including healthcare and marketing software.

Stephen Moore

Laura Clowery

Implementation Executive

Driven and enthusiastic when it comes to client satisfaction. A focused thinker who works collaboratively on driving solutions.